youth focused events


Currently an estimated 2000 youth experience homelessness on any given night in Toronto. At our past Homeless Connect Toronto events, only 2% of our current participants were youth (ages 16-25). Since our one-stop-shop events provide a wide range of resources, we believe by expanding our reach to youth, we will be able to connect them to much-needed supports to move them out of homelessness.

With the 2019-2020 Toronto Foundation Vital Ideas grant, Homeless Connect Toronto will provide Youth Leadership Workshops and a Youth-Focused one-stop-shop event for at-risk and homeless youth in Toronto.

Our goal is to reach 150 youth through our youth programming. Homeless Connect Toronto will provide the administrative support for organizing the one-stop-shop events and run the youth leadership training. HCT aims to work collaboratively with youth-servicing organizations to achieve the joint outcomes of tackling homelessness among youth.